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SUNDAY, AUGUST 3, 2008 12:11 AM, CDT

Katie and I are snuggled in bed worried about Kevin. He is in a lot of pain and is quite sad right now. He didn’t even want to snuggle, which almost never happens when he is in an episode so it must be a bad one. Kate is almost thirteen, so she is very perceptive, plus she and Kev are good buddies, so she knows when he is having a tough go of it.

She says tonight is one of those nights. We think that maybe watching all of his friends play in his favorite soccer tournament might have made him sad. Plus we remembered how last year he referreed and played all day everyday throughout the tournament and was one of the toughest, happiest kids on the field. This year when he tried to play – and he tried his hardest – he got knocked around terribly. It made us all very sad in many ways.

Jeff and Phil are in Seattle looking at colleges, visiting Jeff’s cousins, riding their bikes up Ranier and eating oysters, clams and fish. Jeff will join Kevin and I via teleconference for the surgical conference Tuesday morning which should tell us what our options are for healing Kevin. We’re trying to keep it in perspective, but at this point we really need some direction and a reinfusion of hope. Thanks for the continued prayers and support.


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