What a conundrum

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MONDAY, JULY 28, 2008 10:01 AM, CDT
What a conundrum. Kevin needs to exercise and eat protein to get healthy. When Kevin exercises and eats protein he gets in more pain and becomes very tired and can’t digest food to become healthy. I think we’ve hit the circular argument. Kevin’s days have been quite good. When he takes his medicine and manages his eating he is able to enjoy time with his friends. Last weekend he was able to participate with some of his friends in a soccer tournament. Nights are a different story. By nightfall the pain is unbearable and Kevin can’t sleep. Last night it was 2:25 AM when the medicines finally worked enough for him to et to sleep. This was the third night running where pain by the end of the day keeps him from sleep due to his efforts to eat and build up muscle. The cure and the cause are one and the same right now. August 5th is the next surgical appointment. By then we will have more of a baseline understanding of Kevin’s response to the recommendations from several experts on what he should be doing none surgically to get better. This information will be helpful during our meeting next Tuesday.



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