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We’ve not forgotten you all out there, and still appreciate all of your thoughts and well wishes. 

Most days our lives feel right where you would expect them to be with three teenagers running around. Kevin is looking for a job, hoping to be hired at the Pacsun store over in our local outlet mall. He skis during the weekend. We don’t see him for days at a time due to his demanding social calendar. We are hoping the the last bit of fall out from his medical odyssey will be our time spent at the dentist.

Due to lengthy stretches with poor nutrition Kevin’s teeth need lots of work if they are to carry him through to old age. Unfortunately, his pain responses are such that Novocain doesn’t dull his tooth nerves and rather than giggling in response to the laughing gas, he threw up.  And so, we are researching dental anesthesia. Anyone have experience with this? Would love advice.

Otherwise his recovery focus is strength and endurance. Both seem to be developing naturally. With his recent realignment of math subjects, school is going well for Kevin. His biology teacher sent me a note just yesterday letting me know that “Kevin is a leader and a teacher” in the science classroom. I was proud.

Phil is all but done with high school. He attends two AP classes – English and Biology. Only English is required for graduation. Outside of his morning jaunt to the high school, he heads down to Westminster (my college) where he is taking Statistics and Political Science and about to enroll in a class I’m teaching where we will travel to South Africa. After winning state with his swimming team (and scoring points for his efforts swimming the butterfly) he has turned his attention to waterpolo. This along with Muey Thai fighting prepares him for Para-rescue Jumping with the Air Force this summer.

While the thought of him leaving brings tears to Jeff’s and my eyes, Katie is looking forward to not sharing the bathroom. Not that she spends much time there since she’s usually out telemark skiing with Jeff or the Tele-tribe. When not on the slopes she plays her saxaphone and checks out her Facebook (friend her if you haven’t yet, she’d love that!)

Lastly, Kevin and I have finished the writing and editing part of our book and are now deciding which route we would like to go for publishing. I know many of you out there have published, and I’d love to hear your ideas on the trade-offs between self, vanity, boutique or mainstream options. I’m finding that deciding to write the book was a much easier decision than the publishing options. Kevin and I are very proud of the book and know that it will help other people understand how to lend support to kids and their families who are suffering through a cataclysmic health issue, along with providing patient advocacy ideas for patients and caregivers.

Who knew coming up with a title could be so difficult!?!

As always, we thank you for your care and concern.
Hugs, Vicki



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