…waiting for results from the latest round of blood tests

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THURSDAY, JULY 24, 2008 11:05 AM, CDT
Thank you, thank you for the journal messages. Wow – what a life line they are! Reg, your Tour de France analogy made us cry (in a good way!) We’re in a lull just now waiting for results from the latest round of blood tests and putting together a team of hospital advocates to help sort through the surgical options based on all of the results. We are running full steam ahead with summer plans to travel to a beach house in Mexico, for Jeff and Phil to travel to visit colleges in Seattle, for me to give a speech at the convention center in Anaheim, realizing the whole time that everything might change with one word from the doctor. Kind of keeps all of us living in the moment like we never have before! Not an entirely bad way to be. Kevin is not gaining weight or strength, which while disappointing should not be surprising I suppose. We simply cannot find a good source of protein that his body can tolerate. The doctor’s best recommendation – Ensure – is somehow unappealing after a few months. Makes me look forward to my geriatric years. Ha.

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