Tomorrow we begin preliminary blood work

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SUNDAY, AUGUST 24, 2008 1:18 AM, CDT
Tomorrow (Sunday) we begin preliminary blood work for baseline metabolic rates, then we check into the hospital for good Monday at 9:00. Phil and Kate need to get set for school – and Kate’s birthday is Wednesday, so we need to make sure they are ready to begin classes and Kate feels special too! The beach break was just right. No phone or internet for a week was great. Can you imagine kids not texting for SEVEN days? Kevin didn’t do very much. He enjoyed the relaxing time, but his strength is low and his pain is high. It is time to get this done, as scary as it is. Dr. Downey told Jeff and I in our pre-surgery consult that we would need to “be strong for two to four weeks until Kevin’s intestines start working.” So we are hoping you will help us be strong.



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