Three weeks in Thailand

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Three weeks in Thailand flew by much too quickly. We swam, canoed, boated, kayaked, snorkeled, hiked, rock climbed, laughed and enjoyed ourselves. We interacted with monkeys, tigers, elephants, snakes, birds and temple dogs. We learned to cook, teach English, slow down, share alms, shoot archery. We read many books, made new friends and treasured the memories. And Kevin was strong enough to do it all!

And now we are back to our routines. Kevin is changing up his math direction. Two years out of formalized math has taken its toll. To be expected I suppose, but still hard to take for a high schooler. School is much harder for a child who has missed so much school. But Kevin is handling the challenge well, with his ever-present ‘can-do’ attitude. 

We’re back to Dr. Downey next week to see if a final surgery will clear up the rest of Kevin’s discomfort. As unappealing as surgery sounds, the trip to Thailand confirmed the fact that if further improvement can be made, Kevin is ready to go for it. In the meantime, Kevin is a social animal, hanging out with friends every spare second.

Keep your eyes peeled for a link to our book in the upcoming months. We’ll send a notice when it is published. Grammie and Papa are providing the final edits, then we’ll be shopping the book to publishers and agents. Kevin and I are proud of the 265 page manuscript and are anxious to share it with all of you!

As for the rest of the family…Phil has the most changes going on in his life. In December Phil signed up for the Air Force and passed all of the tests (physical, mental, medical and emotional) to begin the Para-rescue Jumper Pipeline Training at the conclusion of his Basic Training next summer. Para-Rescuemen train in medical and physical disciplines for two years  after which they jump out of helicopters or airplanes to rescue injured or stranded military personnel. Ever the adrenaline junky, Phil is ready for the challenge.
In the meantime he is down to 1/2 an English credit to finish high school, so he’s filling his schedule with classes at Westminster while continuing a brutal physical training regime. Ah, to be 18!

Katie is happily busy in 8th grade playing her saxophone and telemark skiing with the ‘Tele-Tribe’ on Sundays. She’s a real delight.

As for Jeff and I, well, we’re loving having all the kids around the house for as long as it will last. We’re working to keep us in house and home, and we’re enjoying getting back to our date nights. Did I mention we learned to slow down in Thailand? It’s a blessed, peaceful existence.

We hope yours is as well. Happy New Year to all! We’ll let you know the latest as soon as we get back from next week’s appointment.


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