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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 2009 10:06 PM, CST

The good news first – Kevin is a great driver, and very proud to be tooling around the roads in snow, sleet and dark. He’s merged onto the freeway and handled crazy drivers with his level-headed intellect. Also, he is gaining in strength and enjoying more time playing with friends. Sometimes he can even go two nights in a row without his IV nutrition. Unfortunately, when the IV nutrition was cut back by 50% last month, Kevin’s weight dropped by 3 pounds. Not the hoped for result. It’s time to head back to Dr. Downey and establish the next phase toward normalcy.

Outside of Kevin’s health, life continues to click along. We are hoping that Kevin will be able to suit up for high school soccer, even if he won’t see much playing time early in the season. We will know next week. Kate is exhausted from marathon ski days with our friends the Flaglers – we traded inauguration housing for ski housing and had lots of fun making lots of memories with such great friends.

Phil is buff. He has been working out hard since swim season ended (he moved up to 16th in freestyle from never competing – quite an impressive feat.) Now he works out at Muay Thai (a kind of kickboxing), rugby practice and soccer practice; sometimes all on the same day!

Phil is also picking up some money working for Jeff’s business. He says it is the most boring work imaginable for a 17 year old. Jeff appreciates the help as he works furiously to meet the deadlines for the 50% growth he and Ryan have signed on over the next two months. He will be up to 30 employees soon, and continuing to grow. It’s a real business now, he says.

As for me, I’m doing what I need to do to keep it all together. Work is quite stressful right now, for most of us, yes? And so I am thankful that I continue to have meaningful employment, and that I can work my schedule around the support that is needed for the kids. In all honesty – I could really use some warmth and relaxation. Soon, I hope – soon!


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