Significance I had placed on the message of hope

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Listening to President Obama’s acceptance speech with Kevin close at hand made me realize the significance I had placed on the message of hope that I had been holding so close to my heart for the last months. You see, during his hospital stay the conventions filled our evenings. Trips to the doctors were filled with a radio tuned into stump speeches and political analysis. Hope became personal for our family.

It is no surprise perhaps that of all of the messages shared, the message of hope is the election message most meaningful to Kevin and our family. Just as we hope that the new administration will bring troops home from war, and provide education and opportunity for those who are willing to work for it, we are hoping that Kevin’s duodenum will choose to begin effective motility to get rid of his nausea for good and give him an appetite.

See, we had hoped that the surgery would heal Kevin’s year long struggle – but two weeks has become ten. Now it looks like we need a bit more hope. Maybe two more months worth of hope then Kevin can be the honery smart alecky sassy back talking know it all sleep all the time good for nothing teen ager that no parent hopes their kid turns into. Yep, that’s what we’re hoping for. Two more months the docs think, then Kevin might be free from the PICC line that sustains him 12 hours a day. So, we’re big on hope around our house right now.


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