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FRIDAY, AUGUST 15, 2008 10:12 PM, CDT

Please sendup lots of prayers now. August 25th – that’s the day we begin to cure Kevin! Doctors will reroute Kevin’s intestines so that he will finally have an open, painfree path through his gut so he can grow. After a year of worry, pain, weight loss and uncertainty only one big surgery stands in the way of health.

After a great deal of consideration and prayer and consultation it seems wisest to move quickly with the duodenojujostomy (that would the technical word for Kevin’s surgery – in case you want to look it up.) Because Kevin’s duodenum has been obstructed for so long Dr. Downey is worried that his intestines won’t work for a bit after the surgery, so his recovery will be critical. Dr. Downey has arranged his schedule so that he will be in town for three weeks after the surgery, so we feel better knowing he is so focused on Kevin’s recovery.

With one week to go we are going to the beach to relax and play and think of nothing but fun (well, Phillip has to prepare for his English class, but the rest of us get to play!) Then Grammie and Papa arrive and we’ll be logging lots of time at the hospital. Send us lots of notes of encouragement if you can to let us know you’re out there. Thanks!


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