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WEDNESDAY, JULY 16, 2008 6:26 PM, CDT
Just when we think that we’ll have a clear path there are more confusing issues to consider. We met with the first surgeon for a surgical consult today. He wants us to really think about the significance of the surgery, meet with an endochrinologist (Friday morning), talk to other surgeons about what their approach would be and get back to him. It is a very rare case and a very unusual surgery for a person of Kevin’s profile – though not an unusual surgery in general. Out of the 7,000 surgical cases he has done and all of the patients he has seen he has only seen Kevin’s particular birth defect 4 times. So, Kevin really is one in a million. Pretty cool, huh? We aren’t making a decision right now. We will look at what the endochrinologist has to say about how Kevin’s growth patterns and the like are affected by all of this. We will look at what approaches other surgeons would take to the malformation and we’ll sleep on it for awhile.

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