Mom and Dad were here for the holidays

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MONDAY, DECEMBER 29, 2008 9:06 AM, CST

Mom and Dad were here for the holidays. One evening Kevin launched over the back of the couch, swinging his legs to the side, landing with a solid thump. Papa’s eyes filled with tears of joy knowing the length of time it has been since Kevin could jump, land or possess the energy for such a manuever. Funny to think that my teenaged son’s ability to jump on our couch would bring tears of joy – a gentle reminder of the surpising jorney that is life.

Eight hours instead of twelve hooked up to an IV is life altering. Kevin has gained enough weight and is able to eat enough calories on his own that his reliance on the PICC line nutrition will slowly decrease. The best piece of this news is that it indicates an increase in Kevin’s duodenum functionality, signalling an eventual restoration to the damaged muscle. YEA!

On top of the decreased reliance on the IV – which frees Kevin up during the day – is Kevin’s energy gains. He tried skiing two runs, he is visiting friends and playing active games, he wrestles with Phil and played in our backyard snowskake park with Kate. The surgery has a 6 -9 month recovery period to recover abdominal muscle strength and physical energy. How wonderful to see Kevin getting toward the end of the surgical healing.


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