…met with an endochrinologist Friday

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SUNDAY, JULY 20, 2008 1:19 PM, CDT
Latest news – met with an endochrinologist Friday trying to understand Kevin’s nutritional demands and how this fits into the surgical decision. Our approach to feeding Kevin is now very different as we focus more on protein and muscle development so that he might drop into his normal growth patterns. We have a follow up appointment to help determine the possibility of Kevin taking in adequate calories through any means to sustain the ‘caloric machine’ he should now be and will continue to be for the upcoming years. Jeff was commenting on the difference in Kevin’s confidence since the diagnosis. Whether he feels stronger due to the hope he has been given, or the fact that people now believe what he is saying and are trying to figure out how to work with his intestinal blockage to get him well we will never know. Jeff is right, though – this is a confident Kevin we have never seen before

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