Kevin’s skin as well as the coupling gave out

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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2008 5:45 PM, CDT
Kevin’s skin as well as the coupling gave out on his PIC line during his dressing change yesterday afternoon. I knew of the severity of the situation, but I chose to keep it to myself so that Kevin could enjoy his first big night out – the first game for the REAL Salt Lake Soccer team in their new stadium! 

Kevin went to the game with his buddy Parker. It was a great dad and boys night out. Complete with wheelchair, twenty layers of warmth, and pocket warmers, Kevin’s excitement for soccer and socializing and being a normal kid gave him a night to remember.

When he got home and we tried to hook him up for ‘dinner’ the IV pulled blood out of his system rather than putting nutrition into his body. And so it was confirmed that it would be necessary to head into the hospital for a new PIC line insertion today. His new PIC line is blue. Kevin prefers the blue to the prior two clear lines that he has had. And he was in a hospital room on his old floor, so he got to see a few of his former nurses. While they liked seeing him – they weren’t happy to see him, if you know what I mean. 

Now we’re back home. The anesthesia is wearing off, Kevin’s arm will be sore, but the new line is at a better insertion point and, God willing, his duodenum will begin working soon and we won’t need to try out another color!


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