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SUNDAY, JULY 13, 2008 4:23 PM, MST

Less than two weeks have passed since we had the small bowel follow through completed that confirmed Kevin’s intestinal blockage. Since that test Jeff and I have spent hours learning more about SMA Syndrome, trying to understand what it means for Kevin, and identifying who is best to work with him to get him well.

As of Wednesday we had the formal GI (Gastroenterologist, Why an I? No idea…) “Diagnosis” as required by the insurance company to move ahead to talk to surgeons. Now we are finding out who might be best to trust as a surgeon given the intricate nature of the surgery.

Kevin had one episode this week. Thankfully it was a relatively short episode where he wasn’t able to keep food down for 20 hours. Once the blockage cleared he was back to eating and playing without much weight loss. Our biggest concern right now is geting as much weight on Kevin as possible to make his recovery as smooth as possible.



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