Kevin made the high school soccer team!

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TUESDAY, MARCH 10, 2009 11:26 AM, CDT

Kevin made the high school soccer team! He is thrilled to be part of the team where all of his close friends spend their afternoon hours, and is hopeful that his strength will come along enough that he can get some playing time once the games begin – which will probably some time after the snow melts…..:-) He is eating more, feeling less pain and sleeping better. All really positive signs that there will come a day when Kevin’s abdomin is not the first thing on our minds.

Of course, Kevin is getting competition for sympathy votes from Phillip. He drove (yes, he and three buddies -eeeek) to St. George for a rugby tournament. One of his friends drove back since Phillip got a concussion during the last game. He doesn’t recall how it happened and has spotty recall of the weekend. This is a bummer in many ways. First, it sounded like he was having a ball when I talked to him, so it would be nice for him to remember how mch he was enjoying himself. Second, since this is his second concussion in a year he is restricted from all of the activities that he really loves….rugby first, muay thai next and banging his head against the wall third. Now he will just have to focus on the ACT and SAT and he doesn’t seem to fired up about this great opportunity to study. Go figure.

Kate, I can happily report, is currently happy and healthy. It seems that as long as I can give her enough attention, then she avoids migraines and sick stomaches and some other more clever ways to get the attention she deserves. Unfortunately her neck was injured last night during a family leg wrestling fight. My shoulder was injured as well, which tells me that the boys cheated during the matches (yes, you, Jeff!) Or maybe we should come up with other, less strenuous family activities. I tell you what – none of the guys wanted to lose to Katie or me.

Jeff is crazy busy bringing up a huge clinic in Houston. It is so exciting to watch his busines take off. He now has 30 employees and is signing a lease to double his office space. We feel incredibly fortunate in this economy to be in a business that is growing, helping doctors be more effective in their jobs, and to be on the hiring end of the economy.

As for me, I’m ready for spring. The newness, the lightness, the flowers, the hope and energy that spring brings to me.


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