Kevin is sad and tired of the whole process…

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THURSDAY, MARCH 19, 2009 1:28 PM, CDT

Kevin is sad and tired of the whole process….so we must be near the end. He seems to be holding steady without the TPN nutrition, weight remains over 100 pounds, labs show some areas of concern, but not alarm. Next labs will be run on Monday, and if levels aren’t too low then – YEA – out comes the PICC line. I have to believe that once the line comes out of his veins, and the dressing changes and labs are no longer part of his life, his mood will lift and his concern with the scar tissue pain will receed, and he will get some playing time during soccer games. This is my belief and I am sticking with it.

So far he and the rest of the family have avoided the virus that knocked Phil flat for a few days. With the hours that a 17 year old sleeps I didn’t realize at first that Phil was even sick. Good timing in a way, though since he can’t play rugby for another week due to his concussion. His team played Highland High – the best high school rugby team in the nation. I must admit, as a Mom, I was thrilled that he wasn’t playing in the game. Ouch, do those guys get tackled hard. Why oh why doesn’t Phil want to play tennis of golf? Is it just to torture me??? Who invented rugby anyway?

Fortunately Kate isn’t interested in rugby – just her saxaphone, telemark skiing and a bit of lacross, all fairly safe, healthy options. She’s excited to have registered for her move to Middle School next year – hoping to make the high school jazz band as an eight grader by practicing a ton. Maybe I can get her cycling with me when the weather turns nice. Hopefully this will happen soon – I really need some UV therapy.

Watch for the big celebration coming to a caringbridge site near you soon – as soon as Kevin gets his PICC out!!!


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