Kevin excitedly went back to school this year

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I’ll post our  happy update today, then plan the final update for the day we finish our book.

Kevin excitedly went back to school this year – the first time in two and a half years that he will have a full schedule. I must admit, I was worried about how Kevin would handle the structure, the 6:40 bus pick-up and re-engagement in learning. Don’t know why I worried. Kevin continues to be as positive and adaptable as ever.

He may be embarrassed by my posting this, but I have to let you know that he even has a date for Homecoming this Saturday! I get emotional just thinking about how extraordinarily far he has come, thanks to talented, committed, caring doctors – and lots of support from family and friends. If I let my mind slip back to last year at this time, I can assure you that I wouldn’t have dared to dream that I’d need to arrange for a corsage today. But corsage it is!

Kevin isn’t focusing on soccer right now, which at first seemed harsh and sad when he wasn’t strong enough to make the team. In the end, though, it worked out (I think) for the best. School, friends and family are enough to take on at this point. As he gets stronger he can add sports.

Phillip challenges Kevin to pull-up contests each evening. Kev did 18 pull-ups last night! Phil says he can do so many because he weighs so little. Phil can still out ‘pull-up’ Kevin, though. Next move, to get Kevin up the climbing rope Phil installed on our backyard tree. Two stories high, Phil works daily to improve his conditioning and strength by climbing ever higher up the rope. His fitness combined with his recently acquired Emergency Medical Technician license will, he hopes, put him in an advantageous position to be a Para-Rescue Jumper in the Air Force.

As for Katie, she is finding her stride in 8th grade. Jazz Band (saxaphone), LaCrosse and student council keep her happy, social and a good level of busy.

Jeff’s business continues to grow – if it had been ranked in Fortunes’ fastest growing privately held businesses Alta Medical Management would have been ranked 164th with 1,152% growth over three years. He happiest when he is busy, so he is crazy happy.

As for me, I’m back in the professor saddle. It’s been a tough adjustment from 24/7 Mommy-alert status. Not as easy as I had envisioned. Hard to articulate,  but it is there all the same. I’m looking forward to our family trip to Thailand in December to allow for reflection. In the meantime, there’s plenty on my to-do list.

Here’s wishing joy and happiness to all of you who have so kindly followed our journey and shared your support during the dark days of worry and the bright days of good news.

As I mentioned, Kevin and I are well on our way to having our memoir finished, then it will be an honor to share with you the rest of the iceberg event that existed under the tip that you shared with us.

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