Kevin continues to feel better…

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MONDAY, JULY 14, 2008 10:33 AM, CDT

Kevin continues to feel better from his last episode each day. He had friends sleep over last night and they slept out on the trampoline until a skunk stunk them back inside. He asks each day if he gets to meet with the surgeon to get this rolling. His pain is managed with the non-narcotic anti-spasm medicines today, and that is a good thing. Now if we can get food in him….

Katie is returning from a visit to my sister’s in Denver this afternoon. She had fun. We missed her. Phil is finishing up his college algebra class that he missed last year due to Kevin’s erratic health. Summer school at 16. Ouch! But, he has a great instructor at my college, and he seems to really be learning the concepts, so that is a good thing. Of course Kevin’s illness has taken its emotional toll on both Phillip and Katie, so Jeff and I try to keep that in mind as we juggle all that needs attention.



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