Kevin came out of the OR

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MONDAY, AUGUST 25, 2008 11:27 PM, CDT

Kevin came out of the OR at 5:00 PM, and was finally settled and adjusting to the post op meds around 7:00. Lots of tubes, medicines and medical attention focused on Kevin on through the night. Right now he is breathing oxygen, has a surgically implanted PIC line that runs from his arm through his vein to the artery above his heart which feeds him and gives him his medicines. This alternative is preferred to a normal IV feeding tube due to the anticipated length of time that Kevin will live on a yummy diet of IV fluids. Makes preparing his meals for the upcoming weeks quite straight forward.

Kevin has a big NG tube as well as a smaller one stuck in his nose running down to his stomache. These suction his stomache several times a minute to make sure that he doesn’t throw up. The doctor didn’t tell us specifically, but I’m guessing that the throwing up with new intestinal routing isn’t a good thing. But remember, I’m blond.

Of course there are the standard arm pressure bands, oxygen saturation monitors, original IV sedation catheter and his PAC – personal administered pain medication pump. I tell you – he is completely tethered. But he is safe and finally on the path toward getting well. And it’s a long path, but Jeff and I were saying today – this is a much better path to be on than the previous one that just wandered in the wilderness.

I’ll do my best to keep the entries timely now, as the situation should be updating on a regular basis. Thanks for the prayers, support, concern, caring and love that have gotten us to this point. If you llive close and want to help out in some way, Alysse Morton is coordinating the meals. E-mail her at and she’ll let you know the cool way she has set up ways to help out.

Hugs, Vicki


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