Hearing Obama’s speach at the inauguration

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THURSDAY, JANUARY 29, 2009 10:28 AM, CST

Hearing Obama’s speech at the inauguration and seeing his strength gave me strength to continue my healing. But it is really hard right now. I’m so sick of the PICC line I can’t stand it, especially when Phillip whacks me like a normal brother would – right on the PICC. That really hurts. So do my guts. It feels like people are having a tug of war inside me. I wish these little pulling people would get a life.

I am hoping to have my driver’s permit soon, then I can show Phillip what a good driver looks like. Ha. Fights continue over tv time. Katie was watching Sesame Street, creepy! So I wish I had complete control over what we get to watch and didn’t have to share the time. Better idea, I wish I was strong enough to play soccer so I wouldn’t have to watch so much tv. Hopefully soon?


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