Happy Easter, Welcome Spring!

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MONDAY, APRIL 13, 2009 4:38 PM, CDT

Happy Easter, welcome spring, and cheers to the season of new beginnings. What a miraculous week we have had.

Kevin had his long day before his soccer game. Rising at 6:30, going through the full school day and hitting the field for warm-up can leave him quite exhausted before the starting whistle blows. On top of the big day, it was bone chilling, snow blowing cold. Coach Paul has been fantastic. Kevin feels he can handle about three minutes of play before his strength is maxed.

The first half of the game was tight, with Park City down by one early goal scored by Uintah. Park City came back, then moved ahead by one early in the second half. Kevin came in for his usual three minutes of play without much warm-up on the sidelines. I readied the camera per Dr. Downey’s orders to bring him a picture of Kevin playing soccer when we came in for our next check up in June. I no sooner snapped a shot and another and another when I realized that the pictures I was taking were of Kevin’s goal.

He hadn’t been in for more than fifteen seconds when a pass was crossed to him 25 yards out. He one-touched the ball into the far post. The ball had such strength behind it that it flew to the back net. Everyone on the field stopped in their tracks, then his team erupted in cheers, the parents in the stands in tears. The significance of the moment lost on no one. The gift that was given to Kevin on the field last Wednesday was momentous. It confirmed to him so much: his strength, his tenacity, his recovery, his support.

Each day this week has built on the energy the goal gave to Kevin. His Facebook message claimed that he didn’t know he had the strength to kick the ball that far. He rose a bit easier each morning and ate a bit more food each day. Yesterday he led the charge to the ski mountain where we skied together as a family for the first time in two years – and he stayed to take extra runs on the terraine park after Phil and I headed home to prepare for Easter dinner with our friends from Serbia.

Kevin cooked garlic and onions for the Brleks and the smells didn’t chase him out of the kitchen. He stayed at the table for the meal, the egg coloring, the egg smashing. He even hopped on his skateboard to join us all for a walk after the meal. He is smiling more, complaining less. I have every confidence that very soon he will begin to test us in the fashion that any normal 15 year old would, and will be grateful for the irritation.

Or at least we will remind ourselves to be grateful for the irritation of having a teenager that has enough moxy to bicker with siblings, argue about doing chores, whine about having to get up to go to school and worry about not coming home on time for curfew.  It is what I asked for in one of my earliest posts oh so many months ago – and now our prayers are answered.

With this latest post you should not be getting an update from us until June, when Kevin receives his final all clear from Dr. Downey. June’s check up should confirm that Kevin is on his expected growth curve, a regular ‘inhaling’ teen eating plan, a full-on soccer playing schedule and a normal hormonal, emotional teen-parental interaction. Can’t wait to give you the final check up. Until then, we hope that your spring is full of many wonderful new beginnings as well.

Hugs from all of here in the Whiting home.


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