(381) SUNDAY, MAY 9, 2010 6:36 PM, PDT Oh my gosh! I'm

Mon, 11 July 2011 23:08:59 +0000

SUNDAY, MAY 9, 2010 9:33 PM, CDT

Dear Vicki & Jeff,

By the time you get this note, Jeff will likely be there, so Praise the Lord and you sound so much better and upbeat, so things will improve quickly and you’ll have much more to keep your mind busy and that’s a good feeling. Boy what an ordeal you’ve had, then to top it off with all the changing, but in retrospect moving from the room you were in will be better for both of you.

I’ve had a nice Mother’s Day and you can celebrate your ‘mother’s day ‘ everyday as you improve and get better. God Bless you and bring you both home safely.

Love, Frank & Katherine Campana

(382) Deena McCullough

Mon, 11 July 2011 23:09:35 +0000

MONDAY, MAY 10, 2010 7:34 AM, CDT


what a gem of a husband you have! Happy mother’s day and i am so glad that you made it home safely. how was the trip? i have so many questions to ask and am just glad that you are in fact safely home on your couch.

thanks for the update and i look forward to connecting again soon.

Hugs from the east (and note to Jeff we had snow yesterday)


(383) Michael Ballases

Mon, 11 July 2011 23:09:57 +0000

MONDAY, MAY 10, 2010 2:53 PM, CDT

I need to be your friend on face book. Will you ask me I can’t figure out how else to find you.
Love Michael

PS am so happy to hear Jeff is there.

(384) Katherine Campana

Mon, 11 July 2011 23:10:53 +0000

MONDAY, MAY 10, 2010 5:49 PM, CDT

Dear Vicki & Jeff,

Know you two are so pleased to finally be together and that makes all the difference in how you feel. Just hope that ‘you are turning the corner’, Vicki and that you’ll soon be released to return home, although it will likely be a bit before that happens, since you’ll need more healing/comfort for your body before you can do that. What an ordeal for all of you and as if you hadn’t already had over 18 months or so with Kevin, but I’m convinced that it seems ‘trouble sometimes comes in bunches’ and someone else is in control, whether we admit it or not. In any case we wish you well and hope that things will improve rapidly and that you’ll soon be ‘homeward’ bound.
Are your folks in UT with your kiddos? Haven’t seen them in church lately, so did wonder, but I’m going to e-mail them and say hello and we’re thinking/praying for all of you. Do take care and blessings to all.

Frank & Katherine Campana
Durango, CO
United States

(385) Michael Ballases

Mon, 11 July 2011 23:11:22 +0000

TUESDAY, MAY 11, 2010 12:34 PM, CDT

I just get a tear in my eye reading this. I know now you are home safe and who knows what Gods plan was. Maybe you impowered the doctor so he can go on and save some one else for the greater good of the world. We need to alway think to the better of the why than the worst. Just a thought.

(386) Julie Hooker

Mon, 11 July 2011 23:11:54 +0000

TUESDAY, MAY 11, 2010 1:33 PM, CDT

Definitely the right choice. . .people need to know how scary panic attacks are. I’m so sorry they haven’t gone away now that you’re home.

In sympathy for you intestines, I ate 3-day old fish soup. NOTHING like a good dose of food poisoning to knock ya’ back. Crack of 12:30 pm, there’s a sub with my kids and I finally managed to get out of bed without hurling . . .

Keep breathing. . .it’s spelled “clonazapan” (miracle drug). : )

Booker’s resting his chin on the pillow next to me (so he doesn’t get wrinkles). . . I’m so grateful to you for being his other mother. I gotta’ say, the fact that you gave me the gift of Booker, scooped me up off the soccer field when I cried, and saved me a thousand times over AND happen to be the smartest, most exceptional person I’ve ever met, should’ve bought you the good Karma.


(387) Katherine Campana

Mon, 11 July 2011 23:12:25 +0000

TUESDAY, MAY 11, 2010 7:07 PM, CDT

Dear Vicki,

So you are back in UT, or is that a correct assumption and if so that’s grand, as it’s best to be with family, people who know you and care about all you’ve experienced and I can empathsize with your ‘anxious’ panic attack as those are very real and common, when you’ve been thru what you have these past weeks, so indeed you need to answer to the ‘healing’ of your body and take care of Vicki. Time will heal, but it will take time and that is what is necessary to return to your good health and body.

It’s unimaginable to me to realize all you’ve endured, but I had some of those same feelings while I was in Galveston with Brian, when he was at the Shriners Burn Hospital 35 years ago and yes, I do remember a great deal of it, so something’s never depart from your ‘being’, however I was not the ‘patient’, so lots of it was still very traumatic as being the mom and witnessing all of that still remains in many ways ‘fresh’ in my mind, but life does teach us many things and although we may never forget, we learn to ‘move on’ and you will as well.

I only wish, I written my story from that, but we’ve moved on and we’re grateful that he’s healed and doing well as an adult/husband and father, so something’s we do put behind us and life is good, so we know it will be for you as well.

I’m looking forward to reading your book about Kevin and I’m certain you’ll do another about your experience, so take heart and let yourself heal, before you try to take on that task.

Our love, blessings and prayers continue for all of you and especially your dear family and extended family as well, as they too need love and support.

May you know we care.
Frank & Katherine Campana

(388) Deena McCullough

Mon, 11 July 2011 23:12:56 +0000

TUESDAY, MAY 11, 2010 7:48 PM, CDT

Oh kay.

We have had the panic attacks too, so can definately relate-unfortunately. I wish I could be more help? Today I am in Rhode Island picking up Collin tomorrow and heading home.

You are strong Vicki, but it is humbling to have these life changing experiences. Never doubt how very special you are.

Rest up, hug your kids and give Jeff a kiss.

Above all take a deep breath.

Love and hugs


(389) Julie Raymond

Mon, 11 July 2011 23:13:20 +0000

TUESDAY, MAY 11, 2010 8:33 PM, CDT

Vicki, I am SO glad you are home and safe! and while sorting though feeling so many different things – importantly you are focusing on YOU to get better and to take the 8 weeks or more.
I love your humor thru it all. I hear your deep desire to learn and grow from this — I send you courage to sigh some relief and breathe into your bones, and to let it go until either time and /or answers naturally rise up — to give it all some space and just stay in the here and now, for now. Not an easy task for sure. You will know what is best. I love you. julie

(390) Chet Hollinger

Mon, 11 July 2011 23:14:02 +0000

WEDNESDAY, MAY 12, 2010 7:22 AM, CDT

Vicki and Jeff,WELCOME HOME! WHEW!!!!! God Bless and get your strength back.

Chet and Marge
Sarasota, FL
United States