(271) Allison Page

Mon, 11 July 2011 22:06:17 +0000

FRIDAY, JANUARY 16, 2009 7:14 PM, CST

Wow Vicki, very inspiring. Have a wonderful trip. We continue to pray for your family . Happy Birthday Kevin. The Barfields

(272) Brian Hollinger

Mon, 11 July 2011 22:06:44 +0000


How great it is to hear Kevin is strong enough to make such a trip. Have a safe and fun trip all; can’t wait to hear about it.

As always you are in our prayers.

(273) Caren Mac

Mon, 11 July 2011 22:07:09 +0000

SUNDAY, JANUARY 18, 2009 12:05 PM, CST

Wow! What an amazing trip! Have a great time. We miss all of you!
The Mac Family

(274) Chet Hollinger

Mon, 11 July 2011 22:07:39 +0000

SUNDAY, JANUARY 18, 2009 2:38 PM, CST

Whitings,Have a wonderful trip-and a GREAT ’09…’re starting it out right,with the fantastic news,Kevin!!!Keep eatting! And thanks for the donation to the Primary Children’s Hospital,too. Love you all.Travel safe. Love,Chet,Marge,& Family XOXO

(275) Julie Raymond

Mon, 11 July 2011 22:08:04 +0000

SUNDAY, JANUARY 18, 2009 7:12 PM, CST

Happy Birthday Kevin!!!! We await your excitement when you return from NYC … and your continued dedication to the fullness of life and all the shades of recovery! Yes! All our love, Raymonds

(276) Linda Tarte

Mon, 11 July 2011 22:08:36 +0000

TUESDAY, JANUARY 20, 2009 9:13 PM, CST

Dear Kevin and Whitings All,

As we watched the events of today’s Inauguration, it was so exciting to think of you being there to see them first hand. What a day, what an amazing day! We hope it was inspirational to you, as it was to my 3rd graders who watched it in the classroom this morning, to my college daughters who watched it. For anyone who has ever been limited in any way, what a DAY! We are excited that change is happening in your life, that you are on the road to wellness, and that all Americans can be full of hope for our country’s wellness. I know that today was symbolic of the changes we anticipate. And I know that the Whitings represent us all today in DC. Enjoy your time there; come home safe.


The Tarte Family from Kirkland, WA

(277) jeff whiting

Mon, 11 July 2011 22:11:42 +0000

THURSDAY, JANUARY 22, 2009 11:15 PM, CST

Hi Kevin – what a fun trip it was!

Love You


(278) Scott McClelland

Mon, 11 July 2011 22:12:20 +0000

THURSDAY, JANUARY 29, 2009 11:47 AM, CST


Keep up the good fight. One day you’ll look back on this episode of your life and say, “I conquered that. This may be hard, but I know that I can handle it.” You may not say that exact quote but maybe something similar to that.

I do have news for you – Phillip hitting you won’t stop for quite some time (maybe in your twenties but I doubt it – my sister and I still punch each other…just not as hard). And having to share the TV time…just get used to it: you’ll have roommates in college and one day you’ll have to watch whatever your wife wants…it’s just part of life.

Keep on truckin’ big guy,

Scotty Mac and the Mac Family
Park CIty, UT

(279) Julie Raymond

Mon, 11 July 2011 22:12:45 +0000

THURSDAY, JANUARY 29, 2009 11:57 AM, CST

welcome back home with all the tears of gratitude and joyful realizations — being there at the inauguration is too cool for words! we continue to think about you each day and wish you continued experiences that make you just sit and say… hmm. and … whatever is next, I can do it! all our love, raymonds

(280) Shana Hopperstead

Mon, 11 July 2011 22:13:15 +0000

THURSDAY, JANUARY 29, 2009 12:26 PM, CST

Hi Kevin, it was great to see you when I stopped by last weekend to drop of the PC Record article and cookies. You looked GREAT! I know it is still a tough road to travel, but you are making great progress. Being at the Inaugural in that cold weather would have kicked my butt, too! Hey, keep eating well, gaining strength, and having a positive attitude:). You know I can’t wait to see you back on the soccer field so keep working hard at. Keep smiling and have a great day! We are all pulling for your quick and full recovery:)

– Shana and family