(261) Deena McCullough

Mon, 11 July 2011 21:31:54 +0000


Hello Whiting family, We have been thinking of all of you and are thrilled to hear about your progress. When I read about you going over the back of the couch it seemed like an intro to a visit to the ER. Glad to hear it was all good news! And skiing too, nice. Collin is teaching at Whiteface this year (tell Phil) and he still talks about the great visit we had to Park City to see you all. Costa Rica is on. We need to catch up Vic!! I will call soon or call me when you get a chance. xxx the NY crowd

(262) Vicki Cook

Mon, 11 July 2011 22:00:50 +0000

FRIDAY, JANUARY 2, 2009 8:26 PM, CST

Hi Kevin

Im sure you dont remember me or my family… although you may have heard stories from when your Dad was younger about his crazy cousins. Im your Dads youngest cousin. Jim is my Dad and your Grandpa Teds brother. We hear lots of stories about you all through relatives. I wanted you to know how happy we are that you are doing better. We all pray for you. You are a really great kid and God definately has a HUGE plan for you. My kids are Tyler a senior this year and Alex (a girl) whose a sophomore. If you have a myspace page they would love to correspond, or whatever you all call it. Say hi to your family for me. You take care. Your smile lights up your family Christmas card each year. We look forward to seeing more of it.

(263) Katy Ference

Mon, 11 July 2011 22:01:38 +0000

FRIDAY, JANUARY 2, 2009 11:06 PM, CST

Hey Kevin,

We’re thrilled to hear you’re doing so well. Skiing — wow. I can’t wait to hear you’ve whooped your Dad down the hill! Happy New Year to you and your family. This is sure to be a great year for all of you.

All the best,

Katy Ference & family (your Dad’s cousin)
Seattle, WA

(264) John Groesbeck

Mon, 11 July 2011 22:02:04 +0000

MONDAY, JANUARY 5, 2009 11:05 AM, CST

Wow! Great News!

Go Kevin!

Happy new year to all Whitings!

(265) Svea Whiting

Mon, 11 July 2011 22:02:40 +0000

TUESDAY, JANUARY 13, 2009 12:55 PM, CST

Hi Kevin

Happy New Years from the Colorado Whitings! We are so happy to hear that you are getting stronger and improving every day!

Happy Birthday to you! I know this wish is a few days early, but I believe birthday celebrations should be at least a week long! So with this wish comes a new and exciting year for you as you continue to recover and get stronger! Here is to soccer games, skiing, time with friends, school and best of all….harrassing your siblings!(just kidding)! I hope this year brings you strength and happiness and a return to a normal life!

I have fond memories when Stefan and I came to visit your family six weeks after you were born in LA! We had a great time with you and little Stefan and Phil! Wow how the time has flown by and you kids have all grown!

We love you and send our happiest birthday wishes to you!

Love, Svea, Rob, Stefan and Kirstin
Gunnison, CO

(266) Booker T. Washington

Mon, 11 July 2011 22:03:09 +0000

FRIDAY, JANUARY 16, 2009 6:55 AM, CST


We slept really well. Now, mom’s drinkin’ coffee. She’s trying to figure out how to text you a picture of Cooie and Maude, our little gray cat. But, she’s not very good with the iPhone yet. Have a fun trip. Tell me all about it next weekend when I’m at your house.


(267) Terri Milling

Mon, 11 July 2011 22:03:47 +0000

FRIDAY, JANUARY 16, 2009 8:01 AM, CST

Hello Whitings!

Have a super time in Washington DC. We look forward to hearing all about it when you return. Again we sure enjoyed our time spent with you this New Year’s holiday. All is good here, back to the regular routine!

Say “Hi” to our new President for us!

Terri, Rich, Ryan and Jeff Milling

Terri Milling
Scottsdale, AZ

(268) Katherine Campana

Mon, 11 July 2011 22:04:28 +0000

FRIDAY, JANUARY 16, 2009 11:15 AM, CST

Hi Kevin,

Happy Birthday and it is a day to celebrate. You’ve come along way and overcome great odds, so we hope you have a wonderful time in Washington.

Keep on getting stronger and putting weight on as you’ll need that energy for soccer.

We’re thinking of you and hoping that you’ll continue on the road to recovery.


Frank & Katherine Campana
Durango, CO

(269) Scott McClelland

Mon, 11 July 2011 22:05:00 +0000

FRIDAY, JANUARY 16, 2009 12:32 PM, CST

Happy Birthday Kevin. The Mac family is very excited that the Whiting family gets to participate in such a historic event. I heard your mom on KPCW last night and I had no idea that you had received the tickets through Representative Bennett. Enjoy the experience!

(270) Reg Graham

Mon, 11 July 2011 22:05:26 +0000

FRIDAY, JANUARY 16, 2009 5:24 PM, CST

Happy Birthday, Kevin. You’ve come a long way since the earthquake in LA blasted you and your family out of home and hospital. I must say your life has already been quite a roller coaster ride. Now Papa and I are thinking of you in NYC. We pray the trip goes smoothly. Enjoy Billie Elliott–the show should be great, not to mention the limo ride. Then the biggey–the inauguration. Can’t think of anyone more deserving to see this monumental event. Absorb every minute of it. Can’t wait for you to journal your impressions when you return home.

Katie and Phil, we’re thrilled you are witnessing this event with your family. We anxiously await your comments. Love you all, Grammie and Papa