Eight weeks post surgery

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SUNDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2008 1:05 PM, CDT

Eight weeks post surgery and Kevin is beginning so show increasing signs of recovery. We still need to remind him to eat – BUT he doesn’t always need his anti-nausea meds! He tosses the ball for his doggy- buddy (Booker) when he doggy sits, and takes him for walks. Or perhaps Booker walks Kevin. He is going to add one new class to the two he currently takes. The new PIC line is quite nice; better situated in a juicier vein allowing for easier sleeping and ‘eating.’

With Kevin feeling better, perhaps the entire family can settle into a gentler flow. Katie has one more lacrosse game. She has enjoyed the tone and challenge of lacrosse – the new sport has suited her well. She continues to be the only alto saxaphone in the 7th grade jazz band. So as she finds her areas of strengths, she’s able to deal with the inevitable lessons of not making the musical and not being voted into student council. next up: the decision of whether to ski or board. Oh my.

Phil wrapped up his rugby season, with a few soccer games thrown in where he played goalie – a surprising position on the field for him. Rugby seemed to influence soccer in the form of a tackling red card, whoops. He has now joined the swim team. Watch out Phelps. Phil is learning about land speed records…and how these should be kept to the Salt Flats if one’s insurance rates are to be kept low.

And Jeff’s Medical Billing business survived a move to a larger space. Growth is good, particularly in this economy. New computers, more employees, new equipment and leases. More employees, bigger payroll, bigger worries, but boy is he happy to be running his own show.

So, clearly if I am able to worry about something other than Kevin’s day to day health progress is being made. By next week I might even be able to add my job to the list of things to think about. 😉 Next up: adding more food, hoping for an appetite, gaining muscle tone and strength (the muscle tone and strength goes for both Kevin and for me!)

Hugs – Vicki and the gang


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