Curious medical students examine Kevin’s rerouted intestinal records…

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The Labor Day parties in room 3060 are over, and we’re back to business as usual. Curious medical students examine Kevin’s rerouted intestinal records, teams of medical staff are back on duty peeking in, we hope to tell us that Kevin can try out his rebuild with a sip of gatorade.

I think we all hit the wall yesterday. Poor Kevin most of all. It is impossible for me to imagine what it would be like to live with a stomache pump, PIC lines, excrutiating pain 24/7/7. And then his sense of smell came back. Seems like this would be good, but in fact he then started dreaming of Tampico juice, and could smell the food that his friends and siblings brought into the room. Smell turned into torture for what he could not have.

Nausea is Kevin’s constant companion. This is due to his non-functioning duodenum. Until it comes back to life (perhaps months) there may be a backwash of bile causing this to be with him. Fortunately there are good medicines to help with this.

If it is true that it is darkest before the dawn, then surely we must be close to turning a corner. Kevin conducts ‘down drain’ tests twice a day to see if his stomache biles move through and decrease, and if his nausea subsides. So far these tests are not causing us to celebrate, but we don’t have clear outcome conditions lined out in front of us….so it may not be bad news. Soon we’ll have more answers – back to the calendar….not the clock…..


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