Bye, Bye Burnie: Prayers for Kevin’s Surgery

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Kevin’s Spring Break turned from a furious focus to finish two on-line courses by the April 15th in order to graduate, to a trip back to Primary Children’s Hospital for surgery. At his appointment with Dr. Downey yesterday afternoon, it was determined that Kevin needed surgery sooner rather than later to remove his epi-gastric mass. In two hours I’ll bring Kevin his medicine, wait one half-hour, then make the familiar drive to Primary.

Another boost of heroic fortitude. An end to Burnie. An easy surgery. A quick recovery. These are the prayers we ask.
As we adjusted to the idea that Kevin’s surgery would be in 14 hours, there continued to be hurdles to cross. Dr. Downey had changed hospitals, his new hospital didn’t accept our insurance. Dr. Downey will use his visiting permissions at Children’s Primary. Thank you, Dr. Downey! Pre-op intake uncovered Kevin’s recent bout with pneumonia. Two weeks recovery form pneumonia is less time than preferred prior to abdominal surgery. Dr. Downey was consulted. We should move ahead. So here we go…
As late as last night Kevin was planning a four-hour study blitz to complete his on-line courses today – his mind not yet adjusted to the fact that he would be having surgery today instead. What should I do? Remind him that it’d be tough to figure out car payments while under general anesthesia, or let him keep making his plans for tomorrow, knowing that either way he would be going under the knife? I don’t think it matters.
There is no right or wrong at this point. There are no should have, would have, could haves. There is simply the fact that we really need this to be the final chapter. Five years is too long. This surgery must fix Kevin’s pain. Burnie must be once and for all banished. And for that to happen, we need your prayers. We need you to hold us gently in your hearts. We need your love and support.
I’ll check back with you when he is out of surgery. Hugs, Vic

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