Professor and award winning author, world traveler, Mom, thought leader, mentor, friend, and advocate Vicki Whiting, Ph.D. is dedicated to the facilitation of learning and the development of leaders in all walks of life. Vicki’s concept of leadership is informed by her doctoral studies in the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California where she was selected as a Sample Presidential Scholar, in conjunction with her experience as a Director of Technical Services, a faculty member, a scholar, an executive coach, a friend, and a Mom.

Vicki is a strong believer that the power of listening, the strength of encouragement, and the necessity to connect our personal purpose are fundamental elements that drive effective leadership and strengthen relationships based on over twenty-five years of business, research, consulting, and leadership experience.

Vicki’s teaching, research, coaching, and consulting experience is focused on organizational leadership, most specifically on personal and organizational leadership development through mentor relationships, how to leverage strengths, and how to develop effective organizational interactions. Publications in numerous academic journals compliment her recent award winning health care advocacy book, “In Pain We Trust.” Her writing and research integrate across leadership, mentorship and service learning.

Over the past decade, Vicki has led multiple service learning humanitarian trips throughout the world. She facilitates classes, and provides speeches on service learning, social entrepreneurship, the critical role of listening, and the importance of advocating. Most recently, Vicki presented her ideas on collaboration, coordination and commitment through listening and advocacy to the Intermountain Healthcare Board of Trustees, the American Hospital Association, and at the Utah Nurses Association.