Along with the sun must come rain

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Along with the sun must come rain – who was the cynical poet that predicted Kevin’s path to healing? So out comes the sun (no, I’m not going to go for the Itsy Bitsy Spider analogy, bear with me for a minute.) The sun is a picture of Kevin’s new intestines showing that the new path is allowing barium (yuck) to flow through (and, ironically, be sucked back out as soon as it is shown that the surgery worked.) The bright sunshine is Kevin’s nose tube being pulled out as he is taken off the stomach pump after eight long days. The blinding sun is Kevin swishing orange Gatorade around his mouth and sipping with an appreciation that would put the snobbiest wine enthusiest to shame.

And then came the rain. His arm was sore. It started to ache. It became red and streaky. Phlebitis set in. He was back on nothing by mouth. He was back to surgery to have his PIC line removed and reinserted. His life will depend on his PIC line for nutrition in the upcoming weeks as his new intestines figure to how to operate. If this problem had occurred two days later he would have had to return to the hospital, and that would not have been pleasant. If we were at home we might not have recognized the seriousness of the situation and caught it so quickly. It could have become very serious. And so it is just a thunderstorm, not Gustov. Still, in Kevin’s words, “It sucks” and it delays his return home.

But he continues to heal…and he is starting to smile. And today that is enough to carry us along another day.

General stats then are as such:

Kevin: Weight, 78 pounds, sipping Gatorade adding clears such as jello soon. Occasional laughs and smiles, occasional tears and frustration.

Support crew: Hanging in there, but ready to all be together under one roof! We don’t need to declare our weight, do we?


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