A lot of pain, nausea and tv

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From Kevin – I don’t remember much from the last couple of weeks. A lot of pain, a lot of nausea a bit of throwing up, and a lot of tv. Now I am at home. It still hurts pretty bad, I have a lot of nausea and I hope I won’t throw up. They tell me the surgery worked, but it is hard for me to know this. See I eat through a tube in my veins for twelve hours at night. During the day I sip on six or eight ounces of gatorade or water and take lots of medicine to make me not throw up.

I got to see my buddies play soccer for a little bit yesterday right after I got home. It was good to see my friends, but hard to watch everyone playing my favorite game and not being part of it. I get around in a wheelchair to save my strength and conserve calories. Phillip likes it more than I do. He can balance on the back wheels for at least five minutes. Show off.

Tomorrow I’ll go into school to figure out my 9th grade schedule and how I’ll get smart. I don’t know how much I’ll be up to, but my mom and I will figure it out. I can use tutors and different schedules until I’m strong enough to go all the time.

My buddy Booker the Wonder Dog got to spend the night with me. That was a great welcome home present. Katie made an AK-47 marshmallow shooter gun for me – it was cool until Phil started trying to pummel me with marshmallows. Help.


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