5 weeks post-surgery

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Five weeks post-surgery and Jeff and I are certainly seeing a huge improvement in Kevin’s health. I’m not sure that Kev feels it as much as we see it, and I think that is okay. Seeing Dr. Downey today was great. He is an incredible, compassionate man and a gifted doctor. He reminded Kevin (and through Kevin, Jeff and me) that the focus is on putting this behind him, forever. In that conversation it became clear that Dr. Downey has no idea how long this will take, and that is okay. The fact that Kevin knows he is nauseous and has no appetite is the signal that 1) he was a very sick young man and 2) it is taking his body a long time to heal. Since Kevin’s initial hopitalization last fall he has gained 15 pounds. He is up three pounds since his surgery. Twenty to go!

And so, while the thought of being tethered to an IV 12 hours a day, remembering to warm the TPN up 3 hours in advance, keeping the infusion pump in working order, schduling bi-weekly PIC line and lab home health visits, watching Kev’s spirits struggle through the nausea and disconnection from ‘normal’ high school routines is at times disheartening – we giggle.

He kicked my butt at hangman while waiting for the doctor today…PHLEGM, what a great word. We laugh. Phillip, Kevin and Katie have joined Jeff and I in the world of political humor, cause – wow – you just can’t make this stuff up! And we celebrate, well, we eventually celebrate. Phil’s birthday was August 14th and we told him that we plan to celebrate it this weekend. I’m passing on my Thursday birthday until we rightfully celebrate Phil’s big day (nearly two months late.)

And we look for those things in life to be thankful for – we have health insurance, where would we be without it? We have a loving family. We have caring teachers. We have supportive neighbors and friends. We have successful jobs that we enjoy and that pay our bills. We have you, sending us your thoughts and prayers. So, Thanksgiving is coming a bit early here. I imagine it will still be around in November!


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