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It’s me Kevin. We went back to the hospital yesterday to see another doctor. I don’t like the way the hospital smells. Maybe it has bad memories for me. The doctor was smart. I liked him. I was sad for the first part of the meeting. He kept talking about how I needed to spend a lot more time on a feeding tube so that I could gain twenty or thirty pounds to see if that would make the pain go away and then we could take the tube out and I could see if I could eat regularly. I will do it if I have to to get well it just seems like this is what I have been doing for the last year and I still have so much pain and then I will be right back where I am now.

Then a weird thing happened. The doctor looked more at my records and he noticed that in the fall my duodenum worked slowly when I weighed 67 pounds but last month when I weighed 80 pounds it barely worked at all. He said this was something called Wilkie’s syndrome so that the older I got the worse I got. He actually had done surgery on a guy who had Wilkie’s and the guy now plays volleyball for UCLA and is strong and healthy. Then I started feeling better. The doctor said that the surgery is hard and I’ll be in the hospital a long time and that my duodenum probably won’t work right away after the surgery since it is in bad shape right now. I can tell that makes my Mom and Dad scared. I think it will be cool to show my friends my scar and to not be in pain. I guess the doctor and my Mom and Dad need to talk some more but I hope that I can get fixed like the guy at UCLA.

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